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Need to teach the people?
We are a learning agency with      for making expertise understandable

What we do

We design and develop training solutions for effective learning and communication

Help your people to grow by providing the training they need to take your business to the next level.


With a mix of pedagogy, technology and design, we create interactive and innovative solutions for competence development. We are passionate about creating content that engages and makes expertise understandable.

Reach your audience 

We provide different learning formats to ensure the best experience and result.

Depending on your target audience and content we suggest a learning format. For 100 000 people  around the globe an on-line training might be a good idea. For an advanced area of knowledge a digital or face-to-face workshop might be the best alternative.

What we do
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We are proud to introduce iSpring eLearning authoring tool and LMS in Sweden.

Thousands of companies from all over the world use iSpring eLearning software to build their business.

Lets design

Let´s design together

Designing training requires teamwork. Together we challenge each other, increase our creativity and create learning that makes the best use of company resources. We work according to the Kirkpatrick modell of evaluation to ensure the greatest business impact. 





We do the analysis together. What are the main business reasons behind the needed training? What individual and organizational changes are you expecting?

Then we set the scope and decide on project team, time plan and budget.

We suggest a learning design.


It could have the format of a virtual workshop, a face to face session, a video or an interactive e-learning.


Why not a mix of everything otherwise known as blended learning. 

Depending on the format we gather a team of different competences. Learning designers, script writers, filmers, animators, programmers.

What we need from you is your expertise on the subject. 

Before release we take you through an alpha and beta version.


We test functionality and when the training is ready to launch we hand it over in a format that suits your Learning Management System, LMS.



We are passionate about learning and how it supports companies and organisations to be successful. Both in their daily operations but also in their transformation towards future and new technology.

Give us a call and we can get together for a virtual fika. We are eager to meet you!

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